Quanta MobileX Series (CBM)

Product : High Frequency Mobile Series (CBM)

Models : MobileX 10-32 kW

Ratings : 10/15/32 kW

Series : Quanta MobileX CBM Series

Quanta MobileX and MobileXR  mobile x-ray machines are based on mid-range HF X-Ray generation technology. These machines are most suitable for applications where ease of mobility is required like trauma centres and bedside x-rays in hospital wards. These machines are compact, lightweight and can be transported through hospital elevators and corridors.

Salient Features :

  • Easy manoeuvring with Counter Balanced Mobile Stand.
  • Counter Balanced Mobile (CBM) stand having a telescopic arm for tube assembly movement.
  • Ergonomic design with smaller footprints.
  • Institutive operation based on Anatomical Programming (APR) with graphic key switches.
  • Automatic X-Ray Tube Overload Protection.
  • Feather Touch Micro Controller based control panel.
  • Wider Reach of a tube for the patient, especially for Trauma Cases.

X-Ray Tube and Generator :

  • High-Frequency X-Ray Generators of 10, 15 and 32 kW.
  • Self Diagnostic programme for fault indication.
  • Single Phase, 15Amp input power requirement.
  • Dual Focus Rotating Anode Tube present.
  • Versatile rotatable tube head with a collimator.

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