Mobile DR

Quantas DigiFX Series of Digital Radiography systems with combination of all position movement table and vertical bucky stand for general and specialized radiography applications. These systems are available with single detector / dual detector options as per user requirements.

Salient Features :

  • Digital Radiography System with Floor to Ceiling Stand / Ceiling Free Stand.
  • Single Detector System.
  • Flat Panel Detector (FPD) can be fixed in an all position which is height adjustable and tiltable for flexibility according to patients comfort.
  • Tube stand is height adjustable , rotatable and electromagnetically locked.
  • Manually operated Light Beam Diaphragm to limit X-Ray beam through Shutter.

X-Ray Generator & Tube :

  • High Frequency X-Ray Generator.
  • Available in 15,32,40,50,65,80 kW ratings.
  • Dual Focus Rotating anode tube.
  • High power rating tube options from 100 mA to 1000mA as per users Requirement.

Software Features :

  • Advanced Noise and Distortion reduction technology and optimized image Calibration technology minimizes radiation dose.
  • Preset image processing tools for different anatomy.
  • Image cropping, Image rotation, mirror image, image enhancement.

Flat Panel Detector :

Smart 14×17 – inch wireless , cassette sized FPD for radiography imaging. It features Reliable Automatic Exposure Detection , dependable wireless performance and long Battery life.

  • Wireless Cassette detector per ISO 4090 , fits in bucky.
  • 150 µm pixel pitch , with 16 bit AD conversion for more image details.
  • Stable (Sync + Automatic Exposure Detection (AED)).
  • Amorphous Silicon (A-Si) Technology.
  • Cesium Iodide (CsI) scintillators.
  • Detector Size Option : 17”x17” , 14”x17”.
  • Detector Options : Fixed , Wired Portable , Wireless Portable with wifi connectivity.


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