Quanta C Prime Series

Product : High Frequency C-Arm  

Models : C Prime Series

Ratings : 6 kW

Series : Quanta C Prime Series

Quantas Healthcare’s expertise in real-time imaging solutions, technology, innovation and research led to a result of providing cost-effective, modern designed, adaptable and user-friendly C-Arm for Ortho, Uro, Gastro, Spinal Surgeries, anaesthetics, emergency procedures and complicated surgeries.

Salient Features :

  • Single Lever control for C-Arm movement.
  • Self-diagnostic program to cut service downtime 
  • Back up circuitry for enhanced performance reliability 
  • Automatic brightness stabilization (ABS) for hand-free imaging 
  • Thermal safety of tube head 
  • Anatomical programming (APR) Technology
  • Automatic dose rate control 
  • Real-time image processing and acquisition 
  • Various memory options as per the application and user requirements

Memory System

100 Frame Memory :

  • Temporary and permanent storage of 100 Images.
  • Live / Pulse and LIH Mode.
  • Negative, zoom mirror and image rotation.
  • Image Transfer through LAN and Pen Drive.

1K x 1K Memory System :

  • Image Processing software with real-time image capture, storage and display in 1KX1K format.
  • Cine with real-time recording.
  • Cine up to 30fps with real-time recording on the hard disk drive.
  • More than 50,000 image storage capacity in 1Kx1K format.
  • Length angle stenosis and area measurement with annotations.
  • Peak opacification, pixel-shifting & WW/WL level adjustments.
  • Image zoom with pan and image inversion.

Digital Image Processor (DIP-IQ) :

  • Permanent storage of upto 10,000 images.
  • Live/ pulse and LIH mode 
  • Patient and case history information 
  • Image sharpening, rotation, negative, emboss view, area of interest and contrast enhancement, text annotation facility.
  • Image transfer through LAN, pen drive and CD / DVD storage.
  • Printing option in different formats.

X-Ray Tube and Generator

C Series :

  • High Frequency 40 kHz 
  • 6 kW power output.
  • Rotating Anode tube.
  • Dual Focal Spot.
  • 0.3 mm for fluoro and 0.6 mm for radiography.

Imaging System :

  • Triple Field 9” image intensifier.
  • ½” CCD high-resolution camera.
  • Single 32” Full HD TV or Double 17” High-Resolution Medical Grade Monitors.

Control Panel :

  • Soft Touch switches control.
  • LCD Display for parameter control.
  • Switches to control Iris / Parallel Shutter Collimator.
  • An optimum imaging technique using ABS (Auto Brightness Stabilization)

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