Quanta Mars Retrofit Series

Product : Flat Panel Detector

Models : Mars1417i , Mars 1717i

Series : Quanta Mars Retrofit Series

Quanta Mars Series DR Retrofit Series  is a suitable retrofit solution to be used for all mobile and fixed X-Ray units. It enhances the entire workflow by delivering diagnostic images instantly. Transfer of the images to an additional workstation is provided to allow users to transfer X-Ray images electronically to remote workstations, image archives and printers. The portable detector is compatible to be used with any make X-Ray machine.

Components of Fly DR :

  • Wireless FPD (cassette size detector).
  • Desktop based Image acquisition system for single room use.
  • Acquisition tablet incase of multi-room application.

Salient Features :

  • The portable wi-fi detector can be comfortably positioned either in the erect bucky or the table bucky (as per user intended applications).
  • Suitable to use in emergency / trauma for bedside X-Ray.
  • Superior image quality / resolution.
  • Portable detector fits standard 14” x 17” / 17” x 17”  bucky tray and its wireless communication enables easy imaging in between table, above table, chest stand and mobile radiography application.
  • Auto Exposure Detection (AED) – no interface required with existing X-Ray.
  • Image storage capacity is more than 10000.
  • Image preview less than 5 sec.
  • High patient throughput.

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