Quanta Neo / Neo+ Series

Product : Portable Line Frequency Series 

Models : Neo 30-50

Ratings : 1.5/2 kW

Series : Quanta Neo Series

Quanta Neo Series is an ultra light weight and a powerful portable general purpose radiography machine. It is designed especially for the field practitioners as well as a backup x-ray machine for use in medical clinic / hospital and veterinary applications.

Quanta Neo +  is suitable for general purpose radiography where radiographs can be taken on film cassettes as well as on CR cassettes and detectors. Due to its portability feature this machine is also suitable for bedside X-Ray examination of patients in wards, intensive care units, operation theaters and home care.

This equipment fulfills the requirement of radiologist, physician and surgeon with best quality results. The equipment is provided with a user-friendly balanced X-Ray tube stand and collimator where every possible position of tube and collimator can be achieved with minimum efforts.

Salient Features :

  • Truly portable analog X-Ray machine.
  • LF frequency generator for human and veterinary application.
  • Smooth Control knobs for parameters setting and alphanumeric display.
  • Can be positioned on a sturdy and user friendly mobile stand (as per user intended applications).
  • The machine is compatible with Retrofit Kit (Fusion DR Series) for digital X-Ray imaging.

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