Quanta RadFX Series

Product : High Frequency Radiography & Fluoroscopy Series

Models : RadFX 15-80

Ratings : 15/32/40/50/65/80 kW

Series : Quanta RadFX Series

Quantas RadX and RadFX Series of High-Frequency machines are specialized models for general radiography and fluoroscopy applications. The high-frequency technology has lower radiation dose, diagnostic precision and high-quality images at low parameters compared to LF technology.

Salient Features :

  • Fixed X-Ray System with Floor to Ceiling / Ceiling Free Stand.
  • Multi pose table with 9” image intensifier.
  • Vertical Bucky Stand with Locking System.
  • HF System for radiography and fluoroscopy applications.
  • Double / Single Tube Combination
  • Table angulation from -15 degree Trendelenburg position to 90-degree vertical position.
  • Imaging system with ½” CCD Camera.
  • Digital Image Processor (DIP) Memory which can store 10,000 images and patients history.
  • Single 32” Full HD TV or Double 17” High-Resolution Medical Grade Monitors.

Ceiling Free Stand Stand :

The ceiling Free tube stand has effortless movements for vertical, transverse and horizontal movements through its telescopic arm and floor mounted base. The stand is Most Suitable for low ceiling height rooms.

X-Ray Generator & Tube :

  • High-Frequency Generator from 15 to 80 kW (up to 1000mA).
  • Self Diagnostic programmed for fault indications.
  • Three Phase generator as per power availability.
  • Dual Focus Rotating Anode Tube as per application and user requirements.

Control Panel :

  • Compact, Soft Touch Control Panel 
  • Control Panel with dedicated control stand.
  • Digital Display of Parameters.
  • Anatomically programmed (APR) to directly select parameters as per human anatomy and view of X-Ray to be taken.
  • Option of Automatic Exposure Control (AEC) Chambers for auto parameter selection.

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