Quanta MobileX Series (SBM)

Product : High Frequency Mobile Series (SBM)

Models : MobileX 3.5-15 kW

Ratings : 3.5/4/6/8/10/15 kW

Series : Quanta MobileX SBM Series

Quanta MobileXR and MobileX Series Spring Balanced Mobile X-Ray machine (10, 15 / 32) KW, which has high power output ensuring blur and distortion-free images with short exposure time. These machines are suitable where mobile radiographs are performed on patients that are incapable of being moved or are difficult to move.

Quanta Mobile 3.5/4/ 6 / 7/8/10/15 KW Spring Balanced Mobile X-Ray machines are most suitable for applications where ease of mobility is required like in trauma cases and bedside X-Rays in hospital wards. These machines are compact,  lightweight and can be taken through elevators and hospital lobbies with ease.

Salient Features :

  • Spring balance mobile stand 
  • Easy manoeuvring and mobility
  • Feather-touch microcontroller-based Control Panel
  • Anatomical Programming (APR) for parameters selection.
  • The power-pack technology allows a high KW rating machine to operate on a single-phase power socket.
  • Substantially lower exposure factors, radiation safety to patients and operators.
  • Elimination of motion artefacts due to lower exposure time, excellent image quality.
  • Negligible skin dose, radiation safety to patients.

X-Ray Tube and Generator :

  • High-Frequency X-Ray Generators of 3.5,4,6,8,10,15 kW.
  • Self Diagnostic programme for fault indication.
  • Single Phase, 15Amp input power requirement.
  • Dual Focus Rotating Anode Tube present.
  • Versatile rotatable tube head with a collimator.

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