Quanta MobileX DR (SBM)

Product : Mobile Digital Radiography System

Models : MobileX DR 6-15

Ratings : 6/8/10/15 kW

Series : Quanta MobileX DR SBM Series

Quantas MobileX DR Series is a modern designed Mobile DR which is a portable,  monitor assisted DR system which can be easily manoeuvred due to its compact design and smooth movements.

Salient Features :

  • Available in 6/8/10/15  kW
  • Light Weight and Compact Design for easy mobility.
  • Most Suitable in Hospital and Clinics where mobile radiographs are performed on patients who can’t move their body due to injury.
  • Mobile DR speeds up the process of radiography for trauma / ICU patients.
  • X-Ray results are obtained with High Definition Digital Images within seconds of exposure.
  • The immediate image processing enables the trauma assessment team to act instantly on the clinical information.
  • Diagnosis gets accelerated as the patient is not required to transfer to a dedicated X-Ray room.
  • A Fully Integrated System with Manual / Integrated Touch-Based display makes the MobileX DR system user friendly.

Display and Control System :

  • User-friendly Fully Integrated System for DR control ( Manual / Touch-Based upon user’s requirement).
  • Customer-specific unlimited APR Programming
  • Instant Image review with superior quality image.

Flat Panel Detector :

Smart 14×17 – inch wireless, cassette sized FPD for radiography imaging. It features reliable Automatic Exposure Detection, dependable wireless performance and long battery life.

  • 150 µm pixel pitch, with 16 bit AD conversion for more image details.
  • Stable (Sync + Automatic Exposure Detection (AED))
  • Detector Options: Fixed, Wired Portable, Wireless Portable with wifi connectivity.

Software Features :

  • Advanced Noise and Distortion reduction technology and optimized image calibration technology minimizes radiation dose.
  • Preset image processing tools for different anatomy.
  • Image cropping, Image rotation, mirror image, image enhancement.

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