Quanta SmartDR Series

Product : Smart Digital Radiography

Models : SmartDR 50-80

Ratings : 50/65/80 kW (630-1000 mA)

Series : Quanta DigiFX Series

Quantas Healthcare’s SmartDR is a highly integrated and fully digitised radiography system. It comes with Digital Radiography System with Ceiling Suspended X-Ray Column with Automatic Tracking and Automatic Positioning Feature which covers a widely exposed area Multidimensional moveable bucky stand for various radiography placements. This Digital Radiography System is available with Single / Dual Detector according to the user’s utility.

Salient Features :

  • Ceiling Suspended frame covers a widely exposed area Multi-dimensional moveable bucky stand for various radiography placements.
  • LCD touch screen to control the SID movement and tube rotation.
  • Tube rotation cooperated with tilting vertical bucky from – 25° to 90° (oblique tracking is optional).
  • Image real-time storage , DICOM image sending , CD burning, export storage.
  • Outpatient patient and emergency patient interface in the software.
  • Fully Motorised System with Auto Tracking and Auto Positioning function of Floating Table and Vertical Bucky.
  • Automatic Exposure Control for Table Bucky and Vertical Bucky Stand (is optional).
  • Superior Image Quality due to High Matrix Resolution of 3k X 3k pixels and High Contrast Rate.
  • Image Preview within 4 seconds with post processing function for image quality enhancement.
  • Image Automatic Stitching in Bucky Table and Vertical Bucky System.
  • 140 µm of Pixel Pitch with 43.4 cm 2 of Active Area
  • Wide Range of User Friendly Applications.

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